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Today's companies are faced with increasingly complex tasks and decisions...

  • Since classic problem analyzes based on the "cause - effect" principle work less and less, there is a growing understanding that important decisions should only be made when all influencing factors are taken into account 

  • This requires new, holistic methods that allow complex problems to be identified and tackled more quickly and professionally

  • Systemic Structural Constellations® (SySt) were developed by Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer and have proven to be a highly effective tool for advising companies.

Systemic structure constellations according to Varga von Kibéd

target audience

Managers and teams in individual coaching or in groups


Clarifying and finding solutions in connection with conflicts, decisions, finding visions or goals, team development, project planning, change processes, etc. 

Possible procedure and content

The client describes his concerns and together we work out the elements that are involved. People are placed in the room as representatives for these elements. The changes and sensations that occur are queried. Through targeted interventions, a clear improvement towards the desired goal is found*

* Does the whole thing seem very strange to you, does it sound "esoteric" or unbelievable? 

Get involved anyway: the results in practice are absolutely convincing and the effectiveness has now been scientifically proven:WIKIPEDIA

Length of time

2 - 4 hours

Lineups with symbols or ground anchors

target audience

Managers and employees of all levels in individual coaching


Personal questions, decisions, conflicts, etc. are looked at holistically and a solution is found

Possible procedure and content

The concern described is set up in the room with the help of symbols. This creates the opportunity to see and experience people involved, obstacles, resources, goals and other elements from new perspectives and thus to find new solutions

Length of time

1 - 3 hours

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